Chairman and Organiser

We are on the search for a new volunteer to take up the role of our charity's Chairman/Organiser. This is a fantastic opportunity for a motivated individual to make a real change for riders with disabilities in the Andover area. 

Please read the description below for more information, and share with anyone you may know to be suitable!

Chair and Organiser for Andover Riding for the Disabled.

Charitable Incorporated Organisation No. 1170641


Andover Riding for the Disabled (ARDA) requires a new Chairman and Organiser to lead the group further towards the contemporary and functional provision of a highly effective, much valued, and well-supported charitable service for disabled participants, adults and children.


The Board of Trustees recognises that this role must contain a succession element; potential candidates may be concerned that they cannot pass the role on. Our suggestion is that candidates agree to a time-limited commitment with support to successfully plan a successor. The suggestion is five years however this should be open to negotiation before and during the occupancy of the role.


The Board of Trustees actively contributes to the smooth running of the organisation, financial stability, and a high standard of the delivery of the service. Each board member is responsible for a specific aspect of ARDA and is committed to helping with the administration, supporting the chair’s work.


ARDA is now 50 years old and has an excellent team which has successfully survived Covid and is working to take the service forward.


The ride leaders and coaching team are experienced and dedicated, and our volunteers are likewise. The organisation has a depth of history and support which makes for pleasurable involvement for all. Currently we have 3 children’s rides and 1 adult ride in place, based at villages close to Andover. We aim to provide riding and contact with horses and ponies for approximately 25 riders post Covid -19. This number is reduced from pre-Pandemic figures, something which we seek to recover.


Eight horses and ponies owned or looked after by us all have settled, secure care arrangements with knowledgeable overseeing of their care and their activity.


This is an exciting volunteer opportunity for someone with a passion for enabling disabled people to achieve a sense of freedom, accomplishment, and wellbeing through the medium of horse riding and associated activities.


Some familiarity of horses and ponies is desirable however an in-depth knowledge is not necessary. Leadership skills, and a willingness to lead a team through consultation are key attributes.


Times have changed and organisations have become more complicated and today a new chair would not be required to be so directly involved in as many aspects of the organisation as has been ‘till now. The current chair, Mary Childs (and those who have preceded her) has traditionally been actively involved in most aspects of the organisation, such as coaching, being the fund-raising lead and horse and pony care for example. As mentioned, ARDA now has dedicated volunteers to head up the main functional parts of the operation, namely coaching co-ordination and practice, safeguarding, health and safety, volunteer management, training, equine welfare and care, riding group organisation, press and on-line communication and record, administrative work and, of course, finance.


As a result, the new chairman’s role will include:


1. Executive overview of and decision-making for the above-named functions.


2. Setting the strategy for ARDA, to ensure the various aspects of the organisation operate cohesively.


3. With support from the Secretary, organise and chair 4 - 5 trustees and executive operation group meetings per year to include the AGM.


4. Work with the treasurer and other trustees and volunteers to ensure that Andover RDA abides by Charity Commission Rules and the expectations of the National RDA Office (from which we receive a huge amount of support).


5. Liaison with local important organisations such as schools, RDA National, Region and County, local charitable groups, interested parties and individuals.


6. Vision and leadership to develop Andover RDA successfully in the future.


7. Of course, the above would come hand in hand with development of relationships with volunteers within the various aspects of the group.


The time commitment is planned to be much less that has historically been because of the present culture of volunteers taking that responsibility and working as an operational team. It is estimated that over the year, a new Chairman would be able to achieve his or her trustee and organisational activity in approximately one to one and half days per week. This is the average time commitment, but obviously some weeks requiring more input and some weeks less, according to the seasonal nature of what we do.


It is likely, and desirable, that a new chair might additionally wish to commit to other things as well, such as sometimes helping at rides, or becoming a riding coach, however that is up to the person concerned and how much time they feel they are able to give.


Interested? Get in touch!

Please take a look at our website and our Facebook page “Andover RDA.”

Also, please call Mary Childs, Chairman and Organiser for more information and discussion, contact details below.

01264 730403

mobile 07721 866434

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