Covid-19 and Andover RDA

Right, One of our adult riders

with his mother and our

newest horse Danny Boy.

We have found that our more able

riders have benefitted from smaller

groups coaching.


Like most of the other groups in the UK Andover Group of the Riding for the Disabled has struggled both with delivering most of our riding to our participants and with fund raising. We are managing to safeguard our resources to an extent and with help from kind and loyal supporters. We hope to fully re-start after Easter 2021. That will depend on the success of the Government's roll out of vaccine, the reliability of the vaccine and other elements which determine whether we can safely deliver riding to our participants. Many are vulnerable as indeed are many of our volunteers.

We have managed to keep a small adult ride (Abbotts Ann Ride) going throughout the year, with the exception of lockdown periods. These riders are from our more able adult participant group. We have adapted to the Health and Safety demands for operating in the pandemic well and have managed to achieve some really good outcomes for our four or so riders who can still attend.

Meanwhile, we look forward to planning a better year in 2021. If you wish to register your interest, either as a volunteer, a rider or a fund raiser please do. We would be very pleased to hear from you. Whilst we are not very active just at the moment, we plan to be!

Mary Childs

Chairman and Organiser

Below - We managed a visiting day with children from Icknield in "bubbles."





Children Visit the Ponies.jpg
A rider with his mother and Danny