Tuesday mornings. Children. Icknield, Mark Way.

Coaches: Juliet Ursell

        The Monxton Group met once a week at Pegasus Riding Stables in Monxton, on Tuesday mornings from 10 – 12 and ran two lessons, each 40 minutes long for 12 children from Mark Way and Icknield Schools aged between 11 and 15 years old.

We were loaned up to 6 ponies from the riding school and use their manége for the lessons.

        Since the last report we have held 6 Christmas term lessons with 10 very committed volunteers. Jules is still bringing Timmy who has been a great addition to the pony pool.

        Unfortunately, Pegasus has closed, so we were without a “home” and were unable to offer our usual Summer term sessions this year.

        Happily,Frenches Farm have stepped into the breach and kindly offered us use of their indoor school  – so we now have a new Group name and will startED again on 24th September 2019. 


Juliet Wells

Ride Leader









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