Tuesday mornings. Children. Icknield, Mark Way.

Coaches: Juliet Ursell

This account is from 2019. The Coronavirus has meant that we have not met this year. However some of the children from Icknield School have managed some "quiet corner activity"

        The Monxton Group met once a week at Pegasus Riding Stables in Monxton, on Tuesday mornings from 10 – 12 and ran two lessons, each 40 minutes long for 12 children from Mark Way and Icknield Schools aged between 11 and 15 years old.

We were loaned up to 6 ponies from the riding school and use their manége for the lessons.

        Since the last report we have held 6 Christmas term lessons with 10 very committed volunteers. Jules is still bringing Timmy who has been a great addition to the pony pool.

        Unfortunately, Pegasus has closed, so we were without a “home” and were unable to offer our usual Summer term sessions this year.

        Happily,Frenches Farm have stepped into the breach and kindly offered us use of their indoor school  – so we now have a new Group name and will startED again on 24th September 2019. 


Juliet Wells

Ride Leader