Sponsored Riding

Andover RDA has a sponsorship scheme for independent riders living in the Andover area who are known to us through participation or volunteering and who are disabled or with special needs. Children must have a supportive parent or carer to accompany them to the lessons, someone who will encourage their riding. Adults who wish to progress their riding will be expected to independently arrange their riding. This opportunity is outside of the usual Andover RDA activity and is a funding-only offer, monitored by Andover RDA. The riding tuition is unlikely to be from an RDA qualified coach.

This year we have made a contribution to Sophie Christiansen's new horse and we will watch the para Olympics next year with a great deal of interest. Meanwhile for those who would like to continue their riding see below -


  •     We will contribute 50% of the cost of lessons  

           from an approved coach to an agreed figure.


  •     We can suggest an appropriate riding school or teacher.

  •     Our trustee and coach Carolanne Bowyer will support and monitor  



  •    Applications are accepted from riders who have previously been associated with Andover RDA either       as a participant or a volunteer.

Here are photos of Emily Green and Carolanne Bowyer at Pegasus Riding School with one of our riders.  Pegasus coach this rider and are partners with Andover RDA, supporting us hugely with the Monxton Ride. The other photo (right) is of Di Pettet who competes in the Regional and National RDA Championships every year representing Andover RDA.



                             A young rider at Pegasus Riding School with Emily

                              Green (left) and Andover RDA Trustee Carolanne

                            Bowyer who oversees our sponsored riding scheme                                                               Di on Buster at the 2017 RDA National  Championships                                                                                        


Di writes, 

I have been riding Buster for 18 months.  He is a 16.2hh ex-show hunter - he went to the Horse of the Year Show 3 times, but is now 18 years old. He is owned by Cindy Sims, to whom I am very grateful for giving me this opportunity.  Buster is talented but a bit lazy!  Riding him has helped to improve my riding, and this is the 3rd year in a row that I have represented Andover RDA at the National championships. It is a wonderful experience to get to the Nationals, it makes me feel proud of my achievement, and it is also awe inspiring to see how other riders cope with their severe disabilities.


When I left school, I worked with horses for 8 years, gaining my BHSAI exam, but then did not ride for 25 years.  By then, I was disabled and struggled to regain any riding skills. Being involved with the RDA has given me lots of confidence with my riding and it helps me cope with my disabilities. When I am feeling down, hugging a horse does wonders!"