Adult's Ride                                  

Well thankfully, after the Covid lockdown was lifted in July 2020 we were able to resume our rides up to Christmas with just four riders who didn't need much physical help, and we managed to squeeze in 13 sessions by not having our usual holiday
breaks. Then, of course, came the next lockdown and we couldn't start again until April 2021 when Di Pettit joined Jack, Owen, Simona and Georgie at Pegasus in Monxton for a few sessions.


After a few weeks we moved to the next door yard because the menege surface was no longer suitable for us. So, thanks to the owner Fiona Gready, we held 10 very successful sessions at Five Acres with some riders coming on in leaps and bounds because they were not being held back by other riders who need more personal help. A new rider, Carol, joined us in the summer, followed by Jacky Cleaver, who ran our carriage driving group for many years. Unfortunately Jacky now qualifies to be a disabled rider because she has Parkinson's Disease and has recently been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

In November we moved to Frenches Farm, Little London, to use the indoor school for the winter, thanks to Charlie and Anna White, and Russells Removals who once again kindly transported all our equipment for us.

After Christmas Carol had to stop riding because her health problems meant she was no longer allowed to drive, so couldn't get to Frenches Farm. Her place was taken by J-J, our first blind rider. He can only come every other week, but by March was able to ride a little bit unled with someone carefully directing him and side walkers on each side. He is a very determined young man!!

Finally, we must thank all our volunteers who have been so happy to help out despite
the problems caused by Covid.


Penny Wilkins

Ride Leader