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Spring Meadow Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Spring Meadow: Tuesdays 10 - 12pm

We had a very successful summer term with our riders from both Icknield and Mark Way Schools.  We were blessed with good weather throughout, even managing to escape the torrential rain forecast for our final session.

Four children came from Icknield School and they were all wonderfully enthusiastic and quickly mastered the basics under the careful and enjoyable guidance of Siobhan.  We were thrilled that by the end of term they not only easily passed their Grade One Proficiency Tests in both riding and horse care but three of them also achieved Grade Two level – a first for children from Icknield and a huge triumph for them, Siobhan and our wonderful volunteers. 

Jules coached four new children from Mark Way school in her usual highly effective and great fun way.  The boys were a delight and kept us amused throughout the sessions.  

One of the boys in particular, Corey, is very keen to continue his riding and he showed real talent.  He would like to work with horses in the future and we will be looking into ways that he can gain work experience in a yard when he is a little older.  All the Mark Way children, including those who had come in the autumn term, passed their Grade Two Riding and Horse Care tests with full marks!  We were delighted that Frances Lochrane, acting Chair of National RDA, very kindly came to assess them and was really impressed by their abilities.

Our group of volunteers, both new and experienced, thoroughly enjoyed helping the children and were as proud as the children of their achievements.  Thank you to them and to Jules and Siobhan and to Louise Banbury for lending us the lovely Mickey. 

Alex Hanbury-Williams 


Tuesday Ride Leader: Alex Hanbury-Williams

Coaches:  Jules Grieves, Siobhan Booth

Riders from: Icknield Upper School and Mark Way School

Term time 10.00 – 12.00

Wednesday Ride Leaders: Sue Cox and Sarah Dodds

Coaches:  Janice Miles

Riders from: Icknield School and Norman Gate School

Term time 10.00 – 12.00


Spring Meadow: Wednesdays 10 - 12pm 


2023 was my first year as a Ride Leader.  I was blessed with wonderful support from Sarah Cox and the volunteers both old and new.  We were delighted to welcome children from Icknield and Norman Gate Schools.

We are lucky to have Janice as our Coach and along with the experienced volunteers from last year we have been able to welcome a new group of volunteers who have been amazing.   (We would also like to thank the volunteers from other groups who have supported us and become part of the Wednesday family).

Some of the children who attended had never been near ponies but with patience and support they soon became enthusiastic and engaged riders.  

Our children from Icknield School grew in ability and confidence and their progression has been so gratifying for the whole team.  All of them achieved the Grade One Proficiency Test in Riding which was fantastic. 

Norman Gate has been able to bring different children for each half term which has been a joy as we have met new personalities.  

All in all, a wonderful and rewarding summer term for everyone and we look forward to welcoming the children next term.

Sue Cox

End of Summer Term 2023
It's been such a pleasure for all the Volunteers and our wonderful coach watching the children grow in confidence and ability!
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