Meet the Ponies

None of the work of the RDA would be possible without our wonderful ponies and horses. Watch this space as more information is added! We are grateful to local companies for helping sponsor our ponies and horses so that they can continue to bring smiles and empower people with disabilities.



Toby has been with the Andover RDA for 11 years, as both a riding and previously a driving pony. His calm and patient temperment makes him the perfect pony for children. He has attended Pony Club camp for several years and taught generations of riders.



Timmy has been part of the RDA for 4 years, and is the perfect pony for both beginners and more advanced riders! He has even done some dressage competitions.



Danny is a 13 year old piebald who joined the Andover RDA in June 2020. Treats (particularly bananas!), lots of attention, and cuddles are high on his list of priorities. Danny has a lovely nature and is very happy in his new home. He is good in the RDA sessions and gives his riders confidence to ride on their own and feel they have achieved something.

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Jack is a 21 year old Irish Cob who is with the Andover RDA on loan since 2018. He is quite an escape artist and has gone for several adventures to the village, resulting in some security upgrades to his field! However when at work with the RDA, Jack has impeccable manners- he responds well to both verbal and physical aids and does well in traffic. He lives with his best buddy Danny.