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Meet the Ponies

None of the work of the RDA would be possible without our wonderful ponies and horses. Watch this space as more information is added!  We are grateful to local companies for helping sponsor our ponies and horses so that they can continue to bring smiles and empower people with disabilities.  If you'd like to sponsor a pony, please get in touch via our Contact page.


Toby 13hh

Toby has been with the Andover RDA for over 12 years, as both a riding and previously a driving pony. His calm and patient temperament makes him the perfect pony for children. He has attended Pony Club camp for several years and taught generations of riders.

Boots 15.1hh

Boots, (passport name Best of Both), is a 15.1h, 13 year old piebald gelding.  He loves food, attention and lots of treats.  Boots has a laid back approach to life and has made himself at home in Abbotts Ann with Indie and Jack.


Linford 14.1hh

Linford began his new career as an RDA pony in 2022.  He is loaned to us by Siobhan Booth who is training to be an RDA coach.  He has quickly become a firm favourite, reliable and easy-going.  He is quite a character and likes to boss Smarties around in the paddock which he shares with her! 


Ice is on long term loan from the Morris Marsham family who bought him ten years ago as a nine year old.  He lives in Binley but is looked after and ridden by Violet and her mother Emily. He is a straightforward, happy pony who enjoys being taken out and will be an ideal RDA pony.


Smarties 14hh

Smarties has been an RDA pony for ten years and counting.  She is loved by the children and adults alike.  She can be a bit lazy sometimes but soon perks up if gymkhana games are involved.  Smarties is kindly sponsored by Kate and Simon Vernon.

Basil 2.jpeg
Basil 14.1hh

Basil is only 5 years old but is already a superstar and very popular with volunteer helpers and riders alike.  He is a Clydesdale/Cob cross and although only 14.1 hands high he will probably grow a bit over the next year or two.  We love his moustache (currently shaved off for the summer) and his huge feathery hooves and he has the sweetest temperament.  We are teaching him voice commands so it is easier for him to understand what is expected of him as he is only a toddler really.  He will be used by all of our riding groups as he can carry lots of weight.  He has been given to us on  loan by his owner Leah Douglas.

Indie 03_edited_edited.jpg

Indie 15.2hh

Hello my name is Indie, it’s really Scipion but everyone calls me Indie.  I am a 15.2hh Polish Warmblood and I came to England when I was 5.  I am now 21 and have lived in Abbotts Ann for nearly 7 years.  

My owner, Penny Wilkins, runs Andover RDA’s adult ride and I have been helping her since she bought me.  I am well behaved when I have a disabled rider on my back and I’m plodding round the school, but out on a hack on my own I am a bit frightened of things like wheelie bins, litter and strange new road signs which suddenly appear.  With other horses, like Jack who is on loan to RDA and lives in the paddock with me, I am not so scared.  

P.S. I love carrots and once stole a sack full from the back seat of a car!

Mickey pony.JPG

Mickey 14.2hh

Mickey is new to RDA and kindly leant to us for the children’s riding sessions by Louise Banbury.  We don’t know what breed he is but his show name is Special Addition which we think is just perfect as he is a very special boy. He is kind, gentle and totally unflappable and always takes great care of his rider. 

970C15216C884525A2B9B14F18C403C2 (1).jpg

Jack 14.2hh

Jack is a 23 year old Irish Cob & has been with Andover RDA on loan since 2018. He can be quite an escape artist & has been on several adventures to the village, resulting in some security upgrades to his field! Even so, he still manages to confound us occasionally by “swapping paddocks” with Indie! However, when at work with the RDA & when out on a hack, Jack has impeccable manners- he responds well to both verbal & physical aids and does well in traffic. He unfortunately lost his best buddy Danny last year, so he is eagerly awaiting a new best buddy.

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