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Our Rides

Our Rides are sited in several locations around Andover.


Wolverdene School children ride in Binley, a hamlet in the Bourne Valley. Also in the valley, the St Mary Bourne Ride now meets at Spring Meadow in the village; children from Icknield, Mark Way and Norman Gate Special Schools ride here.


The Adult's Ride holds sessions in Abbotts Ann during the Summer and Autumn and at Frenches Farm indoor school during the Winter.

Apart from the Abbotts Ann ride, which meets all year round, the other Rides meet from April to mid October usually observing school holidays. The Abbotts Ann Ride may meet a few times in the summer holidays, depending on volunteer availability.


To take a closer look at the rides, there is drop down menu via the "Rides" tab or use the links above.

 Click Andover RDA for volunteer information.



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